Adventures in Sound
Adventures in Sound

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Welcome to PlayWithSound – a site dedicated to musical education and the raising of sonic awareness through play.

On these pages you will find games, activities and information aimed at teachers, workshop leaders, musicians and non-musicians. Whether you are working with children, teens or adults, or just looking for ideas to try with friends, family or fellow band members, there are games and exercises to enrich your music-making and appreciation of sound.

There is a free music games page, information on the book Adventures in Sound and a new free game featured every month. The blog page contains tips, observations and suggestions for activities. By signing up to the free newsletter you will ensure you don’t miss anything. Signing up also entitles you to receive a demo version of Adventures in Sound.



Jonathan Lambert

Author Jonathan Lambert has worked widely in music and in music education; as class teacher at secondary level, running sessions in infant and primary schools, as a peripatetic woodwind teacher and as a workshop leader. He is a composer of musical scores for various media and a professional musician.

You can hear examples of his work at www.lamsound.com