Duration:  4 minutes

Age: 5+

Players: The whole group or class, but do not over-fill the space. Even numbers in pairs. Complete a pair yourself if necessary.

Having broken the ice with Siren you could follow it up with some partner work.

  • Form pairs with one member designated 'one' and the other 'two'.  Number one makes an ‘ooh’ sound and moves slowly up and down within their range.  Instead of just going from bottom to top and back, like in Siren, this is more of a random scribble.  Number two tries to follow the sound wherever it goes, like a shadow, with an ‘ooh’ of their own.
  • Swap roles and repeat the exercise.

Tip: Some people enjoy moving and drawing in the air.  Suggest this if it doesn’t happen naturally.  Drawing attention away from the singing helps the body, and more importantly the voice, to relax.

Players may well try to sing louder in order to hear themselves above everyone else.  In doing so they risk straining their voices.  Assure them that if everyone sings more quietly it is easier for everyone to hear themselves and their partner.