Duration: 5 – 10 minutes

Age range: 10+

Players: 3 - 33

This is another game involving interlocking rhythms.

  • Split into three or four groups and assign each group a different note and a different number between three and seven eg 3, 4 & 5.  Establish an audible pulse. 
  • All start together on ‘one’ with a short ‘ah’ sound and count up to the assigned number.  From then on sing ‘ah’ on each ‘one’.  How long until everyone sings together again?  Prime numbers are good because they coincide less frequently. 
  • Try this exercise walking around the room.  Try alternating between two different notes on the ‘ones’.  This game can also be played on instruments.

Tip:  Keeping an audible pulse can be distracting and even robotic.  It is very good practice to get the players to internalise the pulse.  Everyone adheres to the same pulse even though it is unstated.