Adventures in Sound
Adventures in Sound

Stand Off

Stand Off
Duration: 5 - 10 minutes including feedback
Age range: 9 and over
Players: 6 to 36 or more. Large numbers will need a long space.

This game is short, fun, funny and physical. It can feel a little threatening but shouldn't involve bodily contact. It is great for re-energising a class or workshop.

  • Divide into two lines which face each other. Teach one line to frown, bend at the knees (as if about to spring) and make a deep ‘ho!’ sound on the first beat of every three. At the same time they stamp and make a strong downward movement with their clenched fists.
  • Teach the other group to raise their eyebrows and make a high pitched ‘ah’ sound on the first beat of every four. At the same time they lean back a little and spread their arms out wide to the sides at about head height, palms forwards; a very ‘open’ posture.
  • Establish a steady pulse, with the players stepping out the beat, and start the two groups at the same time. Let them do this for a while facing each other and then have them approach each other. Stop them when they get close and ask each group how the exercise felt to them. Now have the groups swap roles and try again. How did that feel?


Tip: Keep it short unless your players are especially gifted. By the third exchange you will know if a pair is drying up or dying of embarrassment.

You may wish to explore body sounds with your group before playing the game: click your fingers, slap different parts of yourselves, including the sides of your mouth, click your tongue, blow raspberries etc.

  Taken from Adventures in Sound