Adventures in Sound
Adventures in Sound


Duration: 2 to 3 minutes
Age range: Any age
Players: Any number

A good exercise for exploring and extending the vocal range. It will help to eradicate unexpected 'catches' in the throat from occurring when speaking or singing. It's also a very good ice-breaker. Remember to warm up the voice by humming for a while before you begin.

  • Take a deep breath (but don't 'lock' the throat) and make an ‘ooh’ sound. Keep this soft to avoid straining the vocal cords.
  • Move this sound upwards until you reach the top of your range, then come down to the bottom of your range at which point turn and move back up towards the top.
  • Continue up and down through your range, breathing when you reach the end of each breath and restarting from where you left off. ‘Massage’ with sound any parts where the voice disappears, or is broken, by singing up and down through that area of your range until the voice returns.


Note: be careful not to hyperventilate and sit down and rest if you begin to feel dizzy.

  Taken from Adventures in Sound