Adventures in Sound
Adventures in Sound


Duration: 5 – 10 minutes
Age range: 5 and over
Players: 8 - 14

This requires an even number of players, ideally between eight and fourteen, and the same number of instruments including, as near as possible, two of everything. It works well with young children as it requires a lack of familiarity with a set of instruments. If you are lucky enough to have a selection of unusual instruments or can get your players to play their instruments in unusual ways, it will work with older people too.

  • Form two rows, seated or standing, of equal length and have each row turn its back on the other. Hand out the instruments so that each row has, as near as possible, the same assortment.
  • Choose a person from one row to start by playing a short phrase on his/her instrument, lasting about three seconds. The other group must decide which of them has the same or most similar instrument and that person must attempt to mimic the musical statement.
  • Now someone else from the second group plays and the corresponding instrument in the first group must copy. If you like, points can be scored for getting the correct instrument or copying the musical phrase accurately.




  Taken from Adventures in Sound