dventures in Sound

No need for electricity...

Suitable for all ages, Adventures In Sound is a unique collection of games and exercises for creatively exploring music and sound in group situations. Included are voice warm-ups and games to develop singing, rhythm, trust, listening and co-operation skills. No quizzes and no need for electricity. You don't even need recognised instruments but there is plenty here to do with them if you have any to hand.

'This guide has proved useful in so many aspects of my work. There are activities and exercises suitable for an extensive range of situations and abilities, with clear explanations which will appeal to community musicians and choir leaders, drama coordinators and music teachers alike.'
- Jim Cheseldine, drama and community music teacher, Gloucestershire, UK

This unique book will help you:

  • Break the ice for new groups

  • Develop trust and co-operation

  • Increase confidence in the voice

  • Develop rhythm and co-ordination

  • Enhance listening and recall skills

  • Introduce singing to those who believe they can't

  • Improve vocal projection and extend the range

  • Have fun exploring the world of sound around us



Jonathan Lambert

Author Jonathan Lambert has worked widely in music and in music education; in the classroom at secondary level, as a peripatetic woodwind teacher and as a workshop leader. He is a composer of musical scores for various media and a professional musician.

You can hear examples of his work at www.lamsound.com