Adventures in Sound
Adventures in Sound


Duration: about a minute per pair
Age range: adults and children over 6
Players: as many pairs as you have time, as large an audience as you have room

This game can be played in pairs with an audience: the exchanges are short and watching people risk making fools of themselves is usually entertaining. It is a useful filler at the end of a session when the players are open and relaxed. It can also be used as a warm-up to Story Around the Circle.

  • The leader picks two people, who stand facing each other, and nominates one to start. This person now 'says' something using any part of their body. They must not speak, whistle a tune or engage their vocal cords (sing or hum) but beyond that anything goes. Their partner replies and a conversation ensues.


Tips: Keep it short unless your players are especially gifted. By the third exchange you will know if a pair is drying up or dying of embarrassment.

You may wish to explore body sounds with your group before playing the game: click your fingers, slap different parts of yourselves, including the sides of your mouth, click your tongue, blow raspberries etc.

  Taken from Adventures in Sound