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Monday 8th June 2009

What is an ocean drum? How do I use one? What are they good for? How do I look after it? Where did they come from? Visit my blog at blogspot.

Previous posts include:

The Serenade Are you thinking of playing at table? You may care to read this first.

The bells is a memory of bells. Now how's that for a collective noun?

Blindfolds about the use of blindfolds in music workshops.

Dead Kitten update How well did my Dead Kitten perform recording on location at Wells-nest-the-Sea?

The Taster Session which describes a short taster session for primary aged children, using games and portraying emotional states.

Game of the Month May's Game of the Month is a sonic variation on Hide and Seek, designed to develop listening skills.

Pentatonic scales: five pentatonic scales with various applications and suitable for use with April's free game of the month. Or just for footling about with on whatever instruments you happen to have handy

Instrument etiquette Is the state of many instruments in schools the result of behaviour learned from our forebears?

Spending the budget So what is a 'Dead Kitten'?

Shakespeare Week in Year 1 Making a soundscape for A Midsummer Night's Dream

Resistant Materials Could sound be a way in to engaging some students in this KS3 subject area?

Jack and the Beanstalk Using mostly percussion instruments from the school cupboard to help reception children act out this story and tell it with sound.

April's Game of the Month Aimed squarely at the humble, neglected xylophone. Based on a playing technique of the West African balafon, it will restore the wonderful xylophone to its true place in the music cupboard's hierarchy.

Bell trees and Magic beans Is a celebration of the bell tree and tells of its application to the retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Conducting Tick Tock This is a simple little game, based on Tick Tock, and aimed at younger children aged between about five and eight years. Kids with special educational needs (SEN) have responded very well to this, making it an inclusive game for a mixed ability class.

Quick Tick Tock This is a simple exercise for guaging the ability and attentiveness of a group, be it large or small, old or young.

One size fits all Is inclusion of children with special educational needs really the best thing for everyone?

Easi-speak road trials This post tells of my experiences 'in the field' with the little USB microphone/recorder combination and a bunch of year 3 pupils.

Game of the Month for March. Called Pyramid it's one to feature the chime bars

Getting out the instruments - ten thoughts on making this occasion less stressful and more positive for eevryone concerned

Mum-um-um - humming into singing

The Easi-Speak - the hand held USB recording device that looks perfect for school trips

The sounds of success about the joy of making a breakthrough with a young beginner on the flute

Teaching disturbed children teaching woodwind in a special boarding school

Playing with clay accompanying the wonderful, The Guardian endorsed, show 'Claytime' on clarinet and various odd instruments

Warm hands for playing in the cold

A venue without electricity describing a little jewel of a gig in the wilds of Norfolk

Free music game - Speaking Drum

- a simple little game based on Morse code. Does that sound like a contradiction in terms? Find it at http://playwithsound.blogspot.com/ and decide for yourself.

Scales and arpeggios - a pointless exercise? which debates the pros and cons of honing instrumental technique

Music when the oil runs out What would be the consequences of a severe energy crisis as far as music making is concerned?

Should we be teaching the unworthy? which debates the wisdom of trying to teach the unmusical

Touchy feely about community sound and movement workshops in rural areas

Ten tips for a great school concert about school concerts, surprisingly

Christian rock

and Junk Shop which describes a free game