Adventures in Sound
Adventures in Sound

The Art of Noise

Duration: 20 minutes
Age range: adults and children over 5
Players: no limit

You will need something to draw with and a surface to draw on. Anything will do, from a drawing board and charcoals to a clear piece of ground and a stick.

  • Choose a safe and comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and listen. If you think you will find it impossible not to look then use a blindfold. Spend a moment or two tuning into the sounds around you. Now begin to draw representations of the sounds placing them left, right or centre according to their place in the stereo spectrum and front or back, depending on their perceived proximity (how near or far you think they are).
  • Think about how you will represent constants such as a distant busy road, a river or the sea. You may make a colour wash for this or perhaps some sort of frame around your picture. How will you show travelling sounds such as a passing bicycle or flying birds? How will you demonstrate motion?


Suggestion: Try this at the beach. Clear a patch of damp sand and find a stick, feather or similar to draw with. To make it more interesting, and to extend the game, spend a little time exploring the beach collecting shells, pebbles and flotsam for a collage. Place these in piles next to your 'canvas'. When you come to make your picture you will have to feel for these and explore each object with your fingers before placing it in position. Make sure there is nothing sharp in your collection.

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